99 Per Cent

The 99 per cent are,
per se,
Guilty and Innocent
We are the same,
but we don’t seem to see that
we are segregated,
catalogued according to
race and religion
skin and sin
kin and kind
sex and sexuality
assets and nice asses.
We are used and abused.
THEY rule and roar,
divide and devour.
They are the priests, the presidents,
superintendents, and superheroes
Mobile Phones and Reality Shows are
merely modern Bread and Circuses.
We compete and comply.
We are lied to and we lie.
We are born, we work, we DIE.
Set the alarm for 6 a.m.
Spend £6 to get crushed on the train.
Earn £6 an hour to pay for all this in vain.
We forgot who we are.
We forgot that the food is free,
That the ground is gratuitous
and the soil is sacred.
The food chain has been contaminated and chained.
They give us Cancer and AIDS.
They sell us poison as aid.
They mock the cure if it is unpaid.
They make up data and dates,
Hide History and fates.
They mistranslate sacred words in order to scare,
Add passages that were never there.
Those who trust and bow
are accepted into the crowd.
We are sheep, we are SHIT.
Pop a pill so you can sleep.
We are normal, we are numb.
You are against them? You are DUMB!