To The Girl on the Moon Who Is Not Coming Back

"Clermont Ferrand" -- Natalie Martell

“Clermont Ferrand” — Natalie Martell

We always said to the moon but not back.
I guess I boarded the wrong rocket ship, or maybe
I’m on the wrong moon entirely, perhaps orbiting Uranus,
Because sitting here staring at our world, all I can think is
It doesn’t look quite right. Our earth all cracked, blacked, and
Tracked through my mind. There isn’t much left to look at
Besides the withered foliage and barren oceans while hoping
Your view is better than mine.


Waiting Room Clocks

Their faces
Stare at me,
Patiently. It’s been
An hour, arms flailing.


The Truth About Your Father

As a younger woman, I came
To the window
After my husband
Went to work.
I would blow
Kisses at the stiff
Sailors, inviting them to come
Up to my room. None ever did
Except one.