Life to Death

Oh, death, my old friend, I was weary about meeting you again.
But things can’t get any worse, so I don’t have nothing to lose.
We have issues, we must discuss some things, we must amend.
Although this is not a war, I want to call a truce.

The cries of the people are heard; their suffering has been great.
No one can underestimate your power to take the lives of people.
From high noblemen of countries to those that are in a lowly state.
They see you as sinister and a necessary evil.

I am pleading with you to hold back your reaping.
If only for the babies, who are the ones that I have just given life.
They are pure like gold that is worth keeping.
Better than the aged, who are engulfed with envy and strife.

Although we are opposites, there is one thing we have in common.
There is no discrimination in our work, some are born and some have fallen.