Her Name is Astrid

the yellow curtains
in the studio,
the entryway to clear our minds
we practice yoga
in the hidden space,
leave through the same curtains
time fades away like a raindrop
drying on the pavement
refreshed with tranquility
and at ease,
I sit on the humble wooden bench,
ready to put on my
worn running shoes,
and my teacher kindly joins me
there we meet,
a curious traveling French woman,
a fellow yogi
seeking knowledge
introduces herself
her spirit for life contagious.

Our conversation travels
the globe
from dancers to poets to creativity
we navigate life’s ups and downs
without a compass
in the quest for the meanings of life,
explore diverse philosophies,
the synergy of our spirits strong,
yet the answer lies in another dimension
mostly I listen and
their words dance gracefully
off the tips of their tongues into my ears
and end up somewhere
that is here heartfelt
the three of us hold hands
warmth spreads like the sun’s rays
throughout our bodies,
energizes with a glimmer of hope
our truths transport,
hands clasped with positivity
cementing the moment.

Astrid, with her eyes full of wonder, exclaims
“The air I breathe out you breathe in!”
collectively as humans
we are connected as one
the breath unites us all, but
this is hard to see,
just like the Milky Way Galaxy,
because we’re in the middle of it
unity is what we’re seeking, and
in this moment
the universe delivers
an awesome feeling,
washes over us
as if the Orion nebula–
its stunning beauty
against the backdrop of darkness
thousands of light years away–
showers us with purple raindrops,
cleanses our souls
like curious kids
we catch the drops on our tongues and
taste a little magic.

As quickly as she came
like the rising and setting sun,
Astrid has to leave
her name is summoned from a small island
halfway across the globe
true to her spirit she smiles
as she courageously laces up
her blue patched boots
we know our paths will not cross again,
so I gently catch this moment
in the palm of my hand,
like a floating dandelion seed in the sky,
and close my hand with purpose
it transforms into a piece of my patchwork quilt,
full of wondrous moments,
woven together by the light
to wrap around me
for comfort, for joy, and to inspire–
just as she leaves the yoga studio with poise,
opens the door,
and turns the corner,
the wind whispers in my ear




I’m vulnerable, drifting through the endless space towards the ground, leaving behind my magnificent home of lush greenery and my branch where I could solely be a witness of the vast forest floor, and I did so ever so gracefully.

The wind spun me around in spirals like the spiral needles that once comforted me in the darkest of nights.

All of my seeds were exposed to the elements, and I hit the ground hard and intact, making a loud echo echo echo, letting my voice be heard that I have awakened, ready to take on the challenges of growing tall and proud.

But the birds and squirrels have not broken open my cone to spread my seeds, and I wait patiently because I know Mother Nature has a plan for me.

A small fire burst from an amber of possibilities and melted away my bind, giving my seeds the chance to grow.

I became one seed that took on the challenge, my simple elegant roots grasped onto the pulse of Mother Nature, going deep down into the depths of the soil.

I became many because my roots joined an interconnected web of my sisters and brothers, roots full of past years, memories, hardships, growth, happiness, and success, and the vibrations of these feelings run so deep that it is our only way of communication, because no words can describe these feelings.

Our roots pulse energy and determination, because we dive downward into the unknown, breaking past rocks and obstacles to quench our thirst.

Then I see the light, the sunshine, that bathes me in a bath of nourishment, giving me strength to grow, and the rain tickles my toes and washes away the dust that gathered before my eyes, allowing me to remember that patience is the key to my destiny to grow tall and proud, because without it, how could I be continuously loving to myself? With love comes patience, and unlocks the door to feel the beauty of kindness within me.

I grow and grow and grow some more, and my limbs dance in the wind, and this same wind kisses my face, and my limbs become home to the song birds, the chatty squirrels, the crickets, and a space full of possibilities.

I get closer and closer to the stars, and soon they became my companions, twinkling with inspiration. They’ve taught me so much. I used to look at the stars like connect the dots, racing like my thoughts up down left right zigzag, till I start all over again or stop and feel the silence in the darkness embrace me with the here and now.

I liberated myself from the past and future, because I learned to be present, to feel the space to my right, to my left, above me, behind me, and below me.

I have become free again because my golden sap heals my cuts and wounds, and this same sap is magical because it flows right through me. It’s my life force, giving me the gift of expression, this gift of creativity. My creativity was there, hidden all along, just waiting to be tapped open from deep within my soul. These magical golden pieces of creativity were scattered, and when these pieces fell into place, I became authentic.