Jules Kennedy

Almost a Headliner

A mindreader who has been misguided
Will be found dead tomorrow on Tuesday
With stab wounds on his cheek
And a chalk outline where he lay
And a bouquet of roses in his gut
He is going to be cremated but
The casket will be gray

Gossip Overheard

I heard somebody’s daughter got eaten
By somebody else’s pet gorilla.
Couldn’t keep the thing leashed.
And they had it to fulfill a
Midlife crisis wish. And it was smiling
All the while her mother was dialing
Someone in the villa.

Ascent and Burial of a Deceased Diabetic

Pink Vampire in the sky
Sweet Cadaver flying high
Pollinated fate
Like a candied butterfly

Highways shaped like stars
Carry countless cars
Done with all the running
I ended up on Mars

Heaven’s bluest sea
Wet angels sipping tea
Soaking in the smoke
A paradise to be

The earth is soft and green
With dirt so saccharine
This travel has unraveled
Honeyed coffin, buried Queen

Jules Kennedy (they/them) is an illustration major at the Maryland Institute College of Art.