The Promise

Let the sun set on our kiss and rise again
and the seasons run into one another,
slowly, hesitantly at first, but then faster
and faster until they coalesce into a
perfect golden ring of time, and let
the moon disappear with its haste
while the stars become just a smear, and let
the earth spiral feverishly in its course
and be flung into the dark celestial wastes,
alone and utterly lost, let the heavenly fires
grow red and tired and their constellations crumble
from cosmic age, let the pantheons of lording
galaxies evaporate in an exodus of flickering aeons
indeed let the promise of a whole universe be
fulfilled unwitnessed and abandoned, forever,
as long as our lips should remain together



In the great abyss are dripping fingers, foul, luscious,
that gather scraps behind memory, behind passions,
shattered porcelain masks of guilt and lust
Behind the mystery of Words not muttered, those infants,
alas, not conceived by thrusting tongue and coiling teeth,
are now molten and churned to form in Hecate’s womb,
who now excretes into my slumbering daze,
as the moon exhales its blue and black haze,
a liquid reality flows that fits within any mind,
quenching, soothing, soft, then bitter as light is to the eye,
and yet it soon dissolves, without neither a kiss nor a sigh


Mama once bit a cockroach

Mama once bit a cockroach
Wondered if his legs crunched
Delicious as Rice Krispies
in smooth chocolate oval

The critter twitched, slithered
In her belly, scratched
the lining
Of liver intestine uterus

He sat there for decades
Watched me growing, his legs poked
marched across my arm nubs,
unformed chest, to gnaw
On nose eyes tongue

I was born with nibble marks
In fresh pink flesh he thought
Creamy, sweet as peach ice cream


Jae Kim has been writing poetry for about a year. His greatest influences are Timothy Donnelly, Myung Mi Kim, and W.B. Yeats. He tries to be honest about emotions, using imagery that is personal yet approachable. He is a part-time student at BCIT, studying Financial Management.