Warm Blooded

"Man in Nature" -- Sabrina Farley

“Man in Nature” — Sabrina Farley

I read somewhere that wolves
Are monogamous animals;
Fanged and silver-suited,
Tossing profanities to the moon,
Wolves are monogamous animals.

I thought of this on a wooden bench
In Berlin, cotton-mouthed next to a boy
Who slipped me a small pink candy,
Slipped a hand through my hair,
Slipped his wants into me
Just the night before.

I thought of it when his face dropped
When he sought an answer to
“Why’d you come here?”
(To bury a body, to learn to become).
I thought of his sorriness.

Wolves are monogamous animals.
I was stripped to bones and soul in Berlin
By a boy who appeared to bare fangs
After a small pink candy,
And was given his sarong from Bali
For keeps,
For warmth,
For remembrance
The next morning.

I was sitting on a bench in Berlin
Thinking of wolves
And the warm-blooded love
Of mammals.