Issue 5 Contributors’ Notes

Joshua Allen is a somewhat wayward soul who is soon to be mercilessly ejected from Indiana University Bloomington into the larger world. He has been published in Gravel, Origami Journal, Lime Hawk, Tributaries (forthcoming), and The Long Island Literary Journal (forthcoming).

Elise Dixon is a Pacific Northwesterner first, a storyteller second, and a list enthusiast third. She’s currently an undergraduate student at Pacific University, where she studies Theatre and Speech-Language Pathology. Before she dies, she wants to visit Antarctica, learn to whistle, play Hedda Gabler, and become a withered old crone.

Alyssa Hazel is an English major and senior at Salisbury University and the Fiction editor at the student journal Scarab.

John Jajeh is a sophomore computer science major at Kennesaw State University. He enjoys music, fishing, and reading.

Matthew Kuns is a writer of fiction at Southern Illinois University. He’s been published in multiple literary magazines and was the recipient of the Kent Haruf Creative Writing Award, but is fully aware his cat is more popular than him.

Michelle Loewke is a returning student at Monroe Community College. Michelle owns her own business, has several degrees, and has been a landlord for the last twenty years. Currently, she’s a creative writing major.

Jacob Lopez is an English undergrad who’s glad to be living in San Luis Obispo, where he often goes into the hills to write and spend time thinking up rhymes.

De’Shaun Madkins is currently a senior at the University of Dubuque in Dubuque, IA. His poetry is usually centered around social justice change and indigenous peoples. In the fall, Madkins will be attending the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social work at the University of Toronto to pursue his Master’s in Social Work. He hopes to continue his writing while there as well.

Emily Peterson is a student at Pellissippi Community College in Knoxville, TN and is studying Video Productions Technologies and Mass Communications.

Alissa Salem is a junior at SUNY Fredonia. Alissa studies animation/illustration, with a nifty minor in creative writing. They enjoy drawing and writing equally and hope their work can reach others.

Athena Schwartz is a student at the University Of Utah planning to major in Health Promotion and Education. They enjoy writing poetry, photography, and fighting for social justice.

Joseph Serpico is an unapologetic queer from New Jersey. He currently resides in Saint Petersburg, Florida where he studies at Eckerd College. His work has appeared in Sonder Midwest and Fearsome Critters.

Richard Stevens is a Biology major at Southern Utah University who started dabbling in English when he wrote a novel in his spare time. He has been trying to find a way to share his work ever since.

Lauren Sutherland is a senior English Writing major from Lee University in Cleveland, TN and will graduate in May of 2018. She is from White House, TN but wants to travel to the Pacific Northwest to work in publishing.

Rachel A. Taylor is a student at Salisbury University, majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. She enjoys traveling and finding inspiration for her work everywhere she goes. If accepted, this will be her first publication.

Emma York is a freshman at New Hampshire Technical Institute knocking her General Education out before moving on to her major as a veterinarian. She enjoys writing as it is a different form of art and another way to express her voice.