North Dakota, 3:33 AM

The dark navy sky breaks and it looks at me
Their bright pink eye watching me
Only me
No one is around
No one would hear me scream
Or cry
Or die

I feel as if I’m paralyzed
The eye is somehow controlling me
There is no “somehow”
It is
It exists
And it wants me
For itself

The dark cornfield ceases to exist
The clothes touching my body are no longer there
My body is no longer there
I am one
And none
At the same time
As the eye caresses my soul

The eye
So bright
And dull
So mighty
And weak
It hates me
It loves me
It wants me dead
It wishes me the best in life

But it cannot have me
Not today

It reaches its hands out
Slowly stitches up the lacerated landscape
Tricking itself into another long slumber
Until the day when it can breathe me

It goes away
And the sting of red and blue
Jars me back into myself
Away from longing