Diving In

Silence filled my starving and hangry
ears when I thought they wouldn’t hear
I hoped my words took a very wrong turn at
too soon and traveled to a time more modern
Heart attacks more likely occur on Mondays

just like sleeping in and hitting snooze
I didn’t know one could press a button so precisely
while snoring until their drool first melted upon
my chest and their morning breath kissed mine

Why do they wake up at the sound of my
breath but not at the sound of their own name
I wanted to know what had really woke them
Thoughts dive into empty wishing wells and

yes I would wish some wishing wells had
no end but I’d be afraid of disoriented dogs falling in
How does an open mind contain so much apprehension
Often I feel like I’m the one who does not belong

as my conscience eats up all the rolls of my stomach
Is there a way to say good night to a missing mind
or maybe I’ll find it in an unopened box they packed
last month to give to one of their many mothers

How do birds know which way is south when my
partner sends us north instead of heading home
I can’t stop searching for thoughts that were meant to be
lost like vision hiding from their cloudy right eye