Maybe a Comma Is Best

“Stubble in the Woods” — Sabrina Farley

What if I end on question marks? Could my life have a different affect?
Would the laughter mean more?
          Would it matter what I wore?
                    Would you be less of a whore?
The question mark in my spine has caused me trouble enough.
I’ll try the next door.

I could end on an ellipse . . . Leave my life with possibilities . . .
My hair used to be a respectable brown . . .
          A smile that turned into an unending frown . . .
                    The day you didn’t wear your wedding gown . . .
The ellipsis in my throat has caused me pain enough.
I’ll try the next town.

An exclamation mark ending could be flashy! My life was always such a thrill!
I had enough money to spend!
          There’s a restaurant I’d have loved to recommend!
                    You should have stopped trying to call your stupid ex-boyfriend!
The exclamation mark in my legs has caused me falter enough.
I’ll try the next trend.

Yes, the period is a simple ending. Facts and statements composed my life.
My tires had an annoying little squeak.
          There was a presentation that needed a tweak.
                    Maybe no one loved you because you were just too meek.
The period in my eyes has caused me strife enough.
I’ll try the next week.