Alexa Dikos

Take Your Filing Cabinet to the Red-Light District

Hailstones beat the pavement while the rain
washes away the broken soil. I ask
myself why does the earth hate
itself? Cabinets stuffed

with paper, printers
oozing ink. Tobacco chokes your lungs as the overhang
of the never ending bricks shield you.
The rain begs for your skin as it nears.

Safely returns to your box and I selfishly
want you, so badly, to rip
my clothes off. But, I always want
to stay the same. The printer’s getting louder and louder as it nears
the end. The rain runs

to join hands with the hailstones. I want nothing
more than intimacy
in the rain. Or maybe I want to be
the rain.

Alexa Dikos has been writing since she can remember. Her second grade teacher brought to her parents’ attention that she was a gifted writer. Since then, Alexa has received awards for her writings in high school and is now Assistant Editor of creative nonfiction for the Scarab, Salisbury University’s literary magazine.