I wonder what the city will look like in ten years

"Ricker Pond" -- Natalie Martell

“Ricker Pond” — Natalie Martell

when I’m not a part of it anymore I think
that’ll take ten years or twenty-five years
if I’m still here I know exactly where I’ll be I’ll be
with Alex sitting in his chair at the barber’s close
between Malin + Goetz vetiver and I’ll finally go to
the Gagosian or the opera if you come with me but
in eighty years I probably won’t be a
part of it and in eighty years when I’m an old man
or dead I’ll come back and I’ll say
I used to live here when I was a young man
I used to be a part of it
in the heart of it           look!
I don’t know who I’ll say that to
who would listen to an old dead man yelling in the


this is a morning

if you took 10 mornings & bent each of them in half
& then stacked them like a house & all the mornings
folded in on each other & they all broke when they fell
so you’re covered in a dust of powdered mornings


In Response to The Washington Post’s Article
“Five Really Good Reasons to Hate Millennials

Because “Millennials are the least patriotic generation”
is a bullshit reason. Jingoism at worst and dementia at best

I’ll tell you the real problem. It’s screens. All the screens
are a fucking nightmare. I stare at too many screens and
it makes my eyes hurt all the time and it’s ruining everything

I ended things with a girl on Saturday. Which was seven
days ago and I can’t tell if I actually miss her or miss
being comfortable or if it’s just my eyes hurting